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TIME. - Directed by Christina Hecke

Sophia's life drifts between reality and illusion. She seeks support but is repeatedly rejected. In a bar, she meets Emilie, who is the true offering of an honest, transparent encounter. But allowing herself to be close to her would also mean that Sophia would have to face the truth and let go of her past. Will this cost her her own life?

Director Biography - Christina Hecke

Twenty years in the profession of acting, fourteen years of consistent work in front of the camera and more than 60 films later, with a tireless curiosity for the impact of filming and life itself, the step behind the camera is inevitable for Christina Hecke. Already at the beginning of her acting training, she teaches others. After many years, "Truth in Acting" is born. Coaching for auditions and preparation for shoots are consequential steps. And eventually also screenwriting. The publication of the book "Mal ehrlich... Mein Blick hinter unser Leben" (“Let’s be honest – My glimpse beyond our lives”) in 2020 (published by PATMOS) follows a one-year screenwriting training course. A series concept with a pilot script (rights already secured by a renowned production company) and a feature-length film (also accepted by a production company and currently in the planning process) are being developed. Acceleration Productions is founded and with showreel sequences and first short film productions, the creative work expands to directing. "Directing is the power of observation, carried out with humbleness towards and in service for the whole," says Hecke. Currently, the first medium-length feature film TIMEº is being released.

Director Statement

TIME is both a quiet observation and a wake-up call in its perspective on the subjects of suicide, starting over, oppression through religion and the desire to belong. To look at those subjects from a position of observation, was my responsibility. My cousin doused himself with petrol, my aunt jumped off a bridge. I myself attempted to take my own life when I was 15. I live with a woman - which to me is absolutely normal. My relationship with these subjects has healed.

The truth of TIME is based on lived truth, which allows the experience to be tangible. The film does not purport to judge about right and wrong. It is an invitation, without emotional dictates. A space for the viewer to allow things to sink in. If the film TIME can inspire the examination of life from the perspective of completeness and expose the shortcomings of eternal longing or living in the past, it will have done its service.


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