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Scarlett - Directed by Andrea Marbán

Akemi, devastated by the murder of her best friend Scarlett, must challenge destiny to save her, defying the warnings of her grandma about time manipulation. With a race against the clock and uncertain success, Akemi travels through time, facing the complexities of the past and unseen obstacles to change history’s course.

Runtime: 19 minutes

Completion Date: 01-feb-2022

Country of Origin: México

Language: Spanish


Director: Andrea Marbán

Writer: Andrea Marbán

Producer: Marcos Mingo

Cinematographer: Melisa Medina

Editor: Karla Rodriguez / Marcos Mingo / Melisa Medina

Key Cast:

Leslie M. Valenzuela

Cielo Arellano

Enoc Curbelo

Fernando Chávez Saldaña

Mayra Valenzuela


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