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Come in! - An Interview with Nikolay Nasedkin


Born in 1954 in the village of Aleshki, Voronezh Region

Specializes in installations, art objects, graphic works, and easel paintings

Member of the Moscow Union of Artists

Member of the Union of Cinematographers of the Russian Federation

Exhibiting since 1982

Took up indie documentary filmmaking in 2014

Curated several exhibition projects. Lives in Moscow.


2016 Film “The Case of Former Psychiatric Hospital Ward Attendant”. Lisbon, Portugal

16 October 2018. “Restoring Memory” trailer shown within the framework of the “CUT IT OUT. Films against censorship”, Goethe-Institut project, Tel Aviv, Israel.

2019 – The documentary “Exodus” wins the Artdocset award in the 2019 competition programme of the Artdocfest International Documentary Film Festival (Karo 11 Oktyabr Cinema House. 24 Novy Arbat, Moscow).

2021 – The documentary “Exodus”, Roma Cinema DOC 2021

– The documentary “Exodus”, Tokyo Lift-Off Film Festival

2022 – The film “Come in!”, Roma Short Film Festival finals

– The Film “Come in!”, KIFF KinoGram International Film Festival. Warsaw

– The Film “Come in!”, Tri-State International Film Festival. New York

– The Film “Come in!”, New Wave Short Film Festival. Munich

– The Film “Come in!”, Tokyo International Short Film Festival


Tell us about yourself. What inspired you to become a filmmaker?

In 2013, I curated an exhibition of the artist Andrei Krasulin and made my first film about him for that exhibition. That's how I became a filmmaker.

Talk about your last work. What are some of the challenges you faced during production?

The film I'm working on now is about the history of the Mosfilm Studios.

My problem is lack of financing.

What makes you want to tell stories? In other words, what are the themes/issues you want to incorporate into your work?

My aim is to find real-life stories and tell in my own way about what's bothering me at the moment.

Please tell us about your vision and your method of approaching a new project?

Independence and free choice of means of expression are important to me in each of my film projects.

Who are your filmmaking influencers? What are the films that were influential for you?

I’m influenced by life itself. I work individually making auteur films. So, I am influenced by what is going on in life around me. Andrei Tarkovsky’s film Mirror had a major influence on me as a filmmaker.

How do you think the industry is changing? How has COVID affected independent filmmaking/creation?

The dominant phenomenon is the dependence of filmmaking and art on the market. This puts present-day filmmaking in a bind. COVID makes you think about the life of every person and about the world in general.

What advice would you give to aspiring artists? What are some of the things they must follow/avoid?

Do not be afraid and trust your intuition and conscience.

Do you think films/stories can bring about a change in the world?

I hope that all art changes the world.

What do you think people like to watch these days? Has the pandemic changed people's tastes?

Commercials are very popular. Clip thinking dominates. Unfortunately, the pandemic has not changed people's tastes.

Please tell us about your upcoming projects.

My project is always the same to live life creatively and in harmony with myself.


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