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Low Power - Directed by Dongmiao Ma

On Halloween night, Xiao Wei's mobile phone charging cable suddenly failed. He was anxious about battery power and had to find a charging cable immediately, but he couldn't find one either at home or in a convenience store. In desperation, Xiao Wei thought of his roommate, a girl he had been following and peeping at. He managed to enter the girl's room and charge his mobile phone as he wished, but as the girl suddenly came home with her boyfriend, Xiao Wei was forced to hide in the closet. Xiao Wei in the closet witnessed the passion between the girl and her boyfriend and also watched the girl die tragically. What was even more frightening was that the charging cable—the murder weapon—had Xiao Wei's fingerprints on it.

Dongmiao Ma, male, graduated from the Department of Drama Literature of the Central Academy of Drama in 2017. After graduation, he has been working as a screenwriter at Guoli Zhang's Studio for a long time, and is now committed to the development and production of small and medium-budget films.


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