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Hunger - Directed by Manu Herrera

Judah's world revolves entirely around dance. A disciplinary and somewhat monotonous life that absorbs you completely and keeps you apart from society. Rebekah will be her light, her exit door to the outside. Knowing her will lead Judah to her most animal part and to the search for her true self, giving free rein to her deepest appetites. After an intense rehearsal, Judah awakens an irremediable desire for Rebeca, her recent dance partner in the company where she works. Rebeca's insistence will lead them to a sentimental approach, this will lead to a much more intimate encounter between them.

The excitement of the moment mixed with the smell of Rebekah will give free rein to a part of Judah that he himself did not know. Something would wake up inside him that remained hidden, a predator wanting Rebeca's flesh, to drag him to devour her like an animal.

Such events will push Judah to search for that inner part, hitherto unknown, for a world of irremediable desire, irremediably addressing cannibalism. In his mind, the image of an animal that eats women will take shape. Judah's life will turn into night and day, into a double life that will share the world of dance that fills him so much, with the pursuit of pleasure by eating raw meat from his victims. After Judah's self-confirmation as the predator he is, having tasted raw meat, the reverse will seem unattainable.

Javier, a new dancer from his dance company, will cross his path. Javier will get Judah to rethink his entire universe completely and get carried away by a feeling he had never experienced towards anyone. The doubts and desire about Javier, both sentimental and carnal, will lead our character to a state of catharsis, dragging Javier to the most irrational sacrifice.

  • Manu Herrera Director, Writer

  • Jose Victor Fuentes Producer

  • Judah vivancos Key Cast “Judah”

  • Leonor campillo Key Cast “Rebeca”

  • Javier caraballo Key Cast “Javier”

  • Joan Martorell Music

  • Fernando Pocostales Soun designer

  • Noelia Rua choreography

  • Project Title (Original Language):Hambre

  • Project Type: Feature

  • Genres: drama, dance, horror, thriller

  • Runtime: 1 hour 48 minutes

  • Completion Date: October 1, 2019

  • Production Budget: 100,000 EUR

  • Country of Origin: Spain

  • Country of Filming: Spain

  • Language: Spanish

  • Shooting Format: Red 4k

Director Biography

Manu Herrera

Diploma in design and trained in postproduction and direction, I go through several producers as postproducer and creative, such as: telson, globomedia, boomerangtv, sign productions. I spend several years in the documentary world working for tv documents. He currently serves as Director and Creative Director of The Room Studio VFX Production Company where he develops the work of Creative Director of many TV series and programs such as: Accused, Ulysses syndrome, The Protected, Hunters of men, Genesis, Circle Red, Tell me a story, Yesterday's Girl, Beijing Express, Red Eagle, Cheers, Victor ros, Mar de Plastico and feature films such as Project 2.

There are several documentary projects in which he has participated as a producer and screenwriter. -Chávez in his maze -The Colombian guerrilla -Teen Parents -In Ecuador of Life -Hoked

In the management plan, he has carried out several documentary films. - Fourth World - Disobedient Bodies, for TV Documents - Inside Arroyo Pingarrón

In fiction ⦁ La luz de Mafasca (feature film) Co-Direction ⦁ Host (short film) ⦁ Serene and violet (short film) ⦁ Hunger (Feature film) At the level of the VFX as supervisor. ⦁ The protected ⦁ Laura's mysteries ⦁ Something to celebrate ⦁ Live singing ⦁ Apaches ⦁ Victor ros 2 ⦁ Plastic sea ⦁ Red eagle ⦁ The accident ⦁ The light of Mafasca ⦁ The future is long ⦁ She is your father ⦁ Tell me ⦁ I'm alive


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