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Death is a Child - Directed by Diego Paiva Pereira

A young actor in search of his dreams encounters a nightmare.

Since 2010, Diego Werner has been meticulously crafting theatrical productions and audiovisual works, ever since his inaugural play "Super Homens" premiered in Curitiba, his hometown, under the discerning direction of Mauro Zanatta. In 2015, he both produced and starred in the play "Amor Sob Suspeita" by Steven Dietz, known originally as "Private Eyes," which graced the stage at MuBe Theater for a noteworthy six-month run. Fast forward to 2018, Werner showcased his first original piece, a poignant monologue, inspired by H. Ibsen's "Lady from The Sea", on the thematic issue of violence against women, aptly titled "Seja Homem," which captivated audiences for two months.

In 2021, Werner embarked on the cinematic journey of filming a suspenseful feature-length project, "Black Out," which is currently in its final stages of completion. Presently, Werner is immersed in the ambitious endeavor titled "A Morte é Uma Criança," a hybrid project poised to manifest both as a theatrical spectacle and, soon, an audiovisual experience.

Director Statement

As a medical professional as well as an artist, I, Diego, have a reasonable understanding of the importance of addressing the suffering experienced by individuals with severe psychiatric conditions. The gravity of these conditions lies in the devastating consequences they can bring, given that self-destructive behaviors, substance abuse, and suicide are complex issues that are challenging to resolve. Consequently, these subjects have captured my attention in the development of my current project and served as the starting point for the inception of the narrative text I began writing precisely two years ago.


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