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2023 Edition!


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30 Films!
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Notification Date: October 3, 2023

An Interview with Director Valentina Khodnevich

Valentina Khodnevich is a young filmmaker based in London, England. Each new project originates in human behaviour and moral issues . The young artist used to explore works of Blaise Pascal, W. Somerset Maugham, D. S. Lihachev etc. Valentina is trying to see different perspectives and find modern ways to answer old questions.

The Director doesn't afraid to experiment and try new things in cinematography wise. Moreover, she used to give herself into the hands of chance during the film shooting. As great ideas always appear spontaneously! Valentine has never seen herself as only feature film director or video artist. Besides, she is the Artist who used to generate style and work in mixed genres of her works.



Directed by Radu ZERO


  • Tokyo International Filmfestival Is a Great place for independent shortfilm.

  • tokyoshortfilm

Laura: An Interview with François Albaranes

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Directed by Qidi An, Zi Mu

Tsuur, a nearly lost instrument from Han Dynasty, has been preserved in the Altai Mountains, while Boke, a young Mongolian boy from Wulianghai, was learning to make and play it under the influence of his uncle, Dambul. In the meantime, as the old man Qorumbat, the Inheritor of National Intangible Cultural Heritage, had returned to the pasture in winter, Dambul wanted to entrust his nephew Boke to Qorumbat for a systematic education of Tsuur.


Tokyo Film Festival is a place for unique and underrated films to be seen, films that experience with new methods of narrating their stories. Our festival has two sections, namely 'International' and 'Asian' sections. In the International section, we will attempt to select films that explore the human condition and focus on the issues we are facing today. Independent films that deal with refugees and immigrants, the LGBT community, and women and their everyday struggles are our top priority.

In the 'Asian' Section, we will focus on the problems in Asia, such as the conflicts in the Middle East and how people in these countries live through war and chaos, and we will also shine a light on the cinema in the Far East. The selected films will be judged by an outstanding group of juries who will announce the winners after carefully watching and analyzing each film. At Tokyo Film Festival, we will try our best to introduce and promote the film, and we hope our reviews can help filmmakers in their careers.

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Love Conquers All

Directed by
Qidi An, Zi Mu

Kennedy has experienced multiple hardships in his life, the latest being the death of his older sister, Faith. Hesitant and confused as to what he should do, Kennedy attempts to reconcile his chaotic past and present. Those closest to him lend their care, especially his girlfriend, Rose - but ultimately Kennedy has the final say in his progression. Will he be able to pave a new path for himself?


Dark Realities

Written by Pamela PerryGoulardt
Directed by Matthew Toffolo

(Script Movie)


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