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  • Tokyo International Filmfestival Is a Great place for independent shortfilm.

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Tokyo Film Festival is a place for unique and underrated films to be seen, films that experience with new methods of narrating their stories. Our festival has two sections, namely 'International' and 'Asian' sections. In the International section, we will attempt to select films that explore the human condition and focus on the issues we are facing today. Independent films that deal with refugees and immigrants, the LGBT community, and women and their everyday struggles are our top priority.

In the 'Asian' Section, we will focus on the problems in Asia, such as the conflicts in the Middle East and how people in these countries live through war and chaos, and we will also shine a light on the cinema in the Far East. The selected films will be judged by an outstanding group of juries who will announce the winners after carefully watching and analyzing each film. At Tokyo Film Festival, we will try our best to introduce and promote the film, and we hope our reviews can help filmmakers in their careers.

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