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"Night. Crossing the deserted streets of the city, a young woman goes to a secret meeting place. Once inside, the space quickly seems to become a trap closing in on her, and of which the film itself as well as its ghostly images would be the key. "

I constructed the film SAG MIR, WIE LANG in the manner of a cinematic trap. As a viewer, you can get caught up in it at several key points, get lost in it, escape from it. The story itself is a double-sided distorting mirror. Each image here, specular, finds its own reflection in another, in a memory of the cinema, in a sound, or in the ghost of a missing image.

Using the filmic codes of the "Giallo" (Italian genre), SAG MIR, WIE LANG must be apprehended by the spectator in the form of an optical and sensory investigation.

  • Project Type: Experimental, Music Video, Short

  • Runtime: 8 minutes 14 seconds

  • Completion Date: April 28, 2023

  • Production Budget: 1,000 USD

  • Country of Origin: Switzerland

  • Country of Filming: Switzerland

  • Language: English

  • Shooting Format: Canon M510

  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9

  • Film Color: Color

Director Biography - Radu ZERO

Active on the Swiss and European art scene for more than fifteen years. His work as a video artist is mainly reflected in hybrid fictions. Deliberate oscillations on the very theme of form and on the perception of the image, on the mise en abyme of established codes of perception, his films are as much cinematographic objects as constantly mutating experimental creations. Over the last three years he has collaborated with Natacha Atlas, BOHREN & DER CLUB OF GORE, Josh Werner & Bill Laswell, Seven Eyes, Matei Visniec, Kid Chocolat, Nicolas Nadar ( FAUVE ), La Cie De nuit comme de jour, Robert Garieri aka “Roccobelly”, Asia Argento, and has presented four experimental fictional feature films in targeted and demanding arthouse cinema halls and festivals, like the Green Hours, Reduta and Clubul Taranului / România. Arsenic, Grütli, l'Usine PTR, Zinema, Sputnik, SAS, City Club, Théâtre 2.21, La Datcha / Switzerland. In September 2022, his total project, SLEEPER HITS: TROPICAL ABSTRACTIONS, will be presented as an augmented cinema in the prestigious event venue, the Rolex Center, in Lausanne. In summer 2016 he took part in the RAC, a residence for contemporary art in Brasov / Transylvania. In September 2017 his cinema-total project SLEEPER HITS: TROPICAL ABSTRACTIONS closed the avant garde festival AMURAL / Transylvania

Director Statement

A close friend of mine recently told me that my films were ultimately "non-films"! I was very moved by this sincere qualification, which perfectly defines my most intimate and vital research at the heart of the cinematic medium.


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