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The Way of The Wind, Directed by Adelaide Rocherolle, Virginie Drouot

Mae Jemison is the first African American astronaut. She is a very ambitious woman who is not only a scientist, but also an artist. Our short film talks about how art and science can be correlated and how can one person accomplish so much in an environment that wasn’t supposed to lead her where she is right now. The short approaches few key moments in her life that made her who she is today.

Director Biography - Adelaide Rocherolle, Virginie Drouot

Adélaide Rocherolle is a 26 year old french film maker. She studied Law for 4 years and did a master in management of Media. After getting her degrees, Adélaide decides to move to the US at 24 to make her dreams come true. After many challenges, she met Virginie Drouot who introduced her to the world of audiovisual production. She gave Adélaide the opportunity to write and direct this short.

Director Statement

When I have been told to write a short film about Mae Jemison, I felt a bit lost. I thought her and I didn't have anything in common. So I started documenting myself, I read her books and discovered who she was. I wanted to talk about something that will honor who she is and that I could relate to. I found out that she wasn't only a scientist, she was also an artist. She talked about not fitting in a box and that really inspired me. Wearing different caps, being determined to her passions, unlimited ambition, this is what I wanted to talk about.


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