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TISFF February 2024 Winners

Morning After

Directed by Elijah Nelson Chandler

in Best Drama

Sitting Ducks

Directed by Jessica Leaming

in Best Web / New Media

Americans in Israel

Directed by Johnny Vonneumann

in Best Editing

Baroque Bodies (Ambient Portals)

Directed by Laura Splan

in Best Animation

Brie Jurss

For "Tofana: Vengeance"

in Best Actress

LIFE ON MARS | Are We for Real ?

by Aidan Amore

in Best Music Video


Director Jonathan Sawyer

in Best Trailer


Director Marcus Rosendoll

in Message of Hope

Vanilla Lily

Director Keeley Turner

in Virtual Reality


Directors Kane Richard Blust, Candace Green Blust

in T.V Series

To The Body

Director Carla Massolini

in Best Micro Films

You're On Your Own, Kid

Director Michael Matsui

in Best Thriller

The Climbing Rose of the Garden District

Director Jessica Gohlke

in Best Comedy

La Croix (The Cross)

Director Joris Fleurot

in Best Horror


Director Cameron Tyler Carr

in Best Sci-Fi

9/10: Love Before the Fall

Director Daron Aric Hagen

in Best Film Score

The Decisive Moment

Director Dominic Kubisch

in Best Cinematography

Mike Goes Fishing

Writer Wayne Allen Gibson

in Best Television Script

Cassian: A Hollow Man

Writers Keeley Ann Turner, Sheila Ivy Traister

in Best Adapted Screenplay

The Sicilians


in Best Feature Script

Artists and Aliens

Director Jaymz Bee

in Best Short Script


Director Lucia Lehmann

in Best Director

Queen: checkmate for the King

Directors Luca De Giorgi, Sergio Vespertino

in Feature Documentary

Redemption On The Promenade

Directed by Fanny Ben David

in Best Short Documentary

False Pretenses

Director Michael Ensor

in Feature Films Competition


Director Jérémy Tignée

in First-Time Filmmakers

To The Body

Director Carla Massolini

in Best Female Directors


Directed by Siying Li

in Best Student Film

Brooke Josephson - Good Kinda Tired

Director Michelle Bossy

in Women Empowerment

how much does a memory weigh?

Directed by Kathrin Hanga, Eugene Stuckless

in Experimental Film

First(ish) Date

Director Shira Baron

in LGBT Films


Directed by Dominic Curran

in Short Films Main Competition

Stiletto 'A Pink Family Tragedy'

Directed by Can Merdan Dogan

in Best Actor: Murat Kilic


Directed by Oskar Brockbank

in Best Actress: Phoebe Ladenburg

Marcus Witte

For: Clarity

in Best Producer

Special Selections:

Bologna: Arte, Moda e Cultura

Directed by Alessandro Alex Leardini

in Best Editing

On Another's Sorrow

Directed by Hao Hsuan Yen

in Best Cinematography

Flow of Life

Directed by Marisa Papen, Michael Chichi

in Women Empowerment

Copenhagen Rendezvous

Directed by André Palacios Tingberg

in Best Micro Film


Directed by Sebastian Bechtel

in Short Documentary


Directed by Nikolas Meyberg

in Short Documentary

In My Shoes

Directed by Marlon Daniel Bergamini

in Best Director

Night From the 4th to 5th

Directed by Isabelle Bartkowiak

in Experimental Film

Sh. Isa Award for Humanity, 32 Productions

For: Isa bin Salman - Memories of His Giving

Directed by Eva Daoud

in Best Producer

Flower & Fly

Directed by Scott Rowan

in Web / New Media

Nicky Akehurst

For "Abraham's Garden"

in Best Female Filmmakers


Directed by Corey Tian

in Best Horror

Nadia Guo

For "The Film"

in Best Writer


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