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TISFF August 2022 Winners


Director Mirko Bonanno

in Music Video


Part Forever

Director Alan Chung-An, Ou

in Best Horror


Two Hitmen from Gonzago

Director Peder Trusiak

in Best Film Score


Cafe Racer

Director Harrison Houde

in Best Editing



Writer Victor Dean

in Best Script

Honorable Mentions

Again, Mama

Writer Geqi Li

in Best Script

La Hacienda

Submitter Patricia Fox

in Best Script

Anatomy of a Town

Submitter Patricia Fox

in Best Script


The People’s Doctor: Herbert Nassour

Director Josh Sabey

in Short Documentary

Honorable Mention

The Workshop

Director Jesse Ray Diamond

in Short Documentary


The Tears of Our Reality

Director Maya Pegues

in First Time Filmmaker

Honorable Mentions

We, the Voyagers: Our Moana

Directors Marianne George, J

the first 8 weeks after the last 8 years

Director Marion Brogyanyi


Director Bai Liu

Stuck In

Director Zhaobo Li


Grey Hairs

Director Xi Li

in Best Female Director


The Last Blue Rose

Director Zhao Wu

in Student Film

Honorable Mentions:

Viridis May Day

Directed by

Yinuo Qiu

City of Lost Children

Directed by

Misha Vertkin

Beauty Is The Beast

Directed by

Sona Ryang

Tune In When You Get Home

Directed by

Maëlle Leggiadro


Nothing’s changed except for everything

Submitter Chris Cameron

in Experimental Film

Honorable Mention


Director Charlie G Fennel


One Yes the Other No

Directed by

Juanita Umaña

in Best Short Film

Honorable Mentions


Director li xiang


Director Cyrille Louge


Director Guy Longstreet

Call Me Grizby

Directors Jonathan Killcullen

Artist’s soul

Director Piero Piromallo

Julia guns and blood

Director Piero Piromallo

The Islands Of The Swaying Grain, Kinmen


Slap me to Sleep

Director Julien Giovani Staini

Kokoro to Kokoro

Director André Hayato Saito

Connective Tissue

Director Oliver Bernsen

The First Sieve is the Truth

Director Molin Liu


Francis Han



in Best Director


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