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Artists and Aliens: A Short Interview with Jaymz Bee

Jaymz Bee: A Multifaceted Maestro in the World of Music and Entertainment

Renowned as a consummate Canadian artist, Jaymz Bee stands at the intersection of musical mischief, captivating entertainment, prolific writing, innovative production, and dynamic filmmaking. His multifaceted career has established him as a distinguished musician, entertainer, writer, producer, filmmaker, and radio personality with an impressive array of accomplishments.

Since 2002, Jaymz Bee has been an integral part of the musical landscape as an on-air host and producer at JAZZ.FM91, and has orchestrated tours to jazz festivals worldwide. In the realm of artist and repertoire (A&R), Jaymz serves as a driving force for Vesuvius Music Inc., lending his discerning ear to shape the future of the industry.

Diversity defines Jaymz Bee's illustrious career, which spans nightclub ownership, art gallery curation, commercial and music direction, special events coordination, and best-selling authorship. His literary accomplishments include the bestseller "Cocktail Parties For Dummies," a book of poetry "Cosmic Fishing," and the visually captivating colouring book "Kolour Me Crazy," illustrated by Charles Hackbarth.

As a recording artist, Jaymz fronted Look People from 1984 to 1994, leaving an indelible mark with tours across Europe and North America. Transitioning seamlessly to lounge and big band music, he achieved acclaim with The Royal Jelly Orchestra. Collaborations such as "The Deep Lounge Coalition" (1999) and the formation of Bonzai Suzuki (2010) and Tuk (2017) underscore Jaymz Bee's ability to traverse genres with finesse. The Tiki Collective and the latest endeavour, "Music for Secret Agents," showcase his ongoing commitment to sonic exploration.

In 2022, Jaymz Bee showcased his directorial prowess with the release of his first short film, "Wild Music," garnering acclaim with over 35 awards from 27 international film festivals. Collaborating with virtual effects and set designer Jason J. Brown, their subsequent ventures, "Beat Speak" and "Artists & Aliens," added more accolades to his burgeoning filmography.

Undeterred by his myriad accomplishments, Jaymz Bee is currently immersed in the creation of a feature film set to commence shooting in the spring. His indomitable spirit and relentless pursuit of artistic excellence continue to shape the contours of Canada's cultural landscape, leaving an enduring legacy as a true maestro of the music and entertainment industry.


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