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Kettle: An Interview with Dominic Curran

Jill has bought a house in her old home town of Belfast, taking the considerable improvements on herself to save money. As she works, she injures her hand, resulting in several stitches and a trip to A & E.That night she is awoken with a masked burglar atop her, a kettle at her eye, threatening extreme violence if she doesn’t give up her valuables and threatening to return if she calls the police. The resulting trauma sends Jill spiralling, as her efforts to continue improving the house are interrupted by her struggle to deal with the fear of the burglar returning, and the constant paranoia that anyone could be the burglar returning. She begins preparing herself for this eventuality.A look at the effect of violence, its continuation and the contrasting natures in which it comes, through the lens of a paranoiac thriller, Kettle.


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