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How to Succeed in Biscuits Without Really Trying: An Interview with Tania Emery

BRANDING GENIUS Nic Goldstein is on the edge. His business is on the brink of collapse, his young wife is missing along with the company coffers, and his only hope is to win the Next Big Pitch, a new biscuit from China that is destined to knock the Digestive off its perch. Bereft of inspiration and desperate for an idea, he resorts to taking a powerful hallucinogenic that triggers a gonzo chain of events, that at first spells disaster but ultimately restores his world and makes him an undisputed BRANDING GOD.

Tania Emery is a writer, director and producer of distinctive and unique films that use striking art direction and music to emphasize her penchant for absurdist narratives in plush settings.

Her latest offering, a 20-minute comedy short titled ‘How to Succeed in Biscuits Without Really Trying’ stars Olivier Award-winning actor Henry Goodman, Indra Ové, Daniel Crossley, Charlie Rawes, and Jack Chissick. It is set to launch later in 2023. A feature version of the film is in the early stages of development.

Other film projects include the shortlisted comedy short ‘Working Lunge’ starring Jaqueline Boatswain, Daniel Crossley, and Ray Waring, as well as her documentary about the Regent Street Cinema, narrated by Sir Tim West, which helped raise £6.9 million for its recent refurbishment.

Before spinning 180* behind the camera, Tania enjoyed a seasoned career as an actor in theatre, TV, and film, working with some of our great contemporary storytellers; Tom Stoppard, Michael Grandage, and Ben Wheatley to name a few. She also starred alongside Harry and Luke Treadaway in Film 4’s Michael Powell Award-winning feature ‘Brothers of the Head’.

You might also know Tania from her stint as a series regular on ITV’s iconic ‘The Bill’.

Originally a trained dancer, Tania brings her instinctive understanding of rhythm and pacing to her films using fluid camera movement and dynamic editing.


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